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We are Passionate About Helping Businesses Survive and Thrive

50% of businesses fail by year five and nearly 70% by year ten. It is our mission to see those numbers drop. We know the challenges small businesses and start ups face, because we've been there. Our company began as Performark in 1984, and 35 years later we have a new company name yet our objective has not changed.  Simply put we connect buyers to sellers which accelerate sales and drive results.

Meet the-salesEDGE Executive Team

Our Core Values


Our team members have been called bulldogs; they never give up. We look at each of our client's prospects as an opportunity, and unless that business closes we will continue to pursue.


We are personally committed to doing what it takes to drive the right results. Our team is held at the same standard that you would hold your own team members. We are an extension of you.


Innovation is not just about technology, sure we have the latest tech platform out there to serve our clients yet we see innovation as the insatiable need to understand and the drive to make it better.


Anybody who has to do their own prospecting knows it requires an incredible amount of discipline. At the-salesEDGE we use a talent profile that identifies team members with behaviors and motivators that execute with quality and consistency.


Over 30 years ago we put in to place a program where each team member has 2 days a year to serve in their community. Whether that be working at a food shelf, helping at a school, to visiting with elderly volunteering is good for the soul and that translates to feeling good about work.


Let's face it, life continues to move at a faster pace every day and from that comes change. Our team responds and flourishes in change. In fact it is our job to educate you on what is changing in marketing and sales automation and how you should adapt.

Need to Accelerate Sales and Drive Results?