Accelerate Your Sales

Identify the Best Route

Marketing can be overwhelming especially if it is not your expertise, afterall you have a business to run. At the-salesEDGE we eliminate confusion and help you zero in on a strategy that will accelerate your sales and drive results.

Follow the Buyer's Journey

All buyers navigate a journey, some quicker than others.  Our campaigns are tailored to nurture prospects along the Buyer's Journey at their pace. The right communication at the right time keeps your brand top of mind and when they are ready to buy your company is right in front of them.

Reach the Destination

Whether the destination is securing new customers, retaining existing business, or upselling to your install base, the-salesEDGE marketing automation campaigns are designed to get you there.  

the-salesEDGE Difference

Marketing Automation, Email Marketing

Global Marketing Automation Platform

Finding the right sales and marketing automation solution for your company can be exhausting.  With hundreds of solutions all with similar functionality at varying price points make it difficult to narrow in on the right choice for your company.  We've already done that work and partner with one of the best for small and medium size companies. The platform is hosted at Amazon and with each client in a unique instance you can feel confident your information is secure. 

Marketing Campaigns, Lead Generation, Sales Pipeline

Template Driven Smart Campaigns

With the-salesEDGE our clients don't spend endless hours designing and implementing a platform and campaigns because we have already done that work for you.  Our solution includes a platform that has pre-built CRM, landing pages, web forms, social media integration, marketing automation campaigns, email, SMS and others.  Customizing templates to brand as your own saves time and money which means your up and running within a month with less than 20 hours of your time invested. 

Sales Ready Leads, B2B Lead Generation, Outbound Calling, Appointment Setting

Generate Sales-Ready Leads

Unlike technology providers or traditional agencies our solution includes Sales Development Resources and process methodology designed to take Interested Prospects and turn them in to Sales-Ready Leads. At the-salesEDGE, we know how to build an effective talk track that will drive meaningful conversations, handle objections, and drive more Sales-Ready Leads to your sale team because we have made millions of calls.  As for the expert that makes the calls, we have been hiring for that role for over 30 years, we understand the personalities, behaviors and motivators that identify an exceptional Sales Development Representative.

Marketing and Sales Automation

CRM and Prospect Universe Build

Small Business CRM, CRM

A secure location to store, view and edit prospect information including how a prospect navigated through your website, to what emails they have viewed and took action on.  And because your prospect universe is evolving, we automatically add net new prospects to your unique CRM on a monthly basis.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation, Buyer's Journey

Pre-built Marketing Automation workflows designed to move prospects through the Buyer's Journey. All of our workflows are custom to you meaning the content, look and feel and cadence align with your company. Our pre-built campaigns ensure all of your prospects will receive multiple methods of communication every single month.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing, Buyer's Journey, Lead Generation

Personalized emails with tailored content reflective of where a prospect is in the Buyer's Journey. And to maximize  deliverability and ensure compliance all of our clients have a unique ip address. Meaning you don't have to worry about another company hurting your chance of getting your email delivered to your prospects in box.

Social Media

Buyer's Journey, Lead Generation

Social Media posts are integrated into marketing automation campaigns designed to reinforce your brand, credibility and thought leadership. View your followers, friends, likes, shares and comments all in one place.  

Landing Pages and Web Forms

CRM, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation

Utilize web forms to capture interest, drive registration for upcoming events or webinars, or use it do market research survey's.  Landing pages and web forms are fully integrated into our platform.

Outbound Calling

Outbound Calling, Appointment Setting, B2B Lead Generation, Outbound Lead Generation

To move prospects through the Buyer's Journey it requires having conversations.  Our solution provides a dedicated Sales Development Representative to engage in meaningful interactions with your prospects.

Fill Your Sales Pipeline and Close More Business